Edmark CoCollagen (Beverage for Anti-Aging)




Edmark cocollagen is a chocolate-flavored beverage enriched with a high grade of natural marine collagen from salmon fish, that nourishes your skin and defy signs of aging with every sip from the cup to make your skin firm, thus reviving its natural healthy youthful glow.

Benefits of cocollagen:

  1. Reduces depth of fine line wrinkles.
  2. Reduces dark circles around the eyes.
  3. Firms and tightens sagging skin
  4. Reduces visibility of stretch marks.
  5. Rejuvenates, tones and moisturizes the skin.
  6. Revitalizes appearance.
  7. Plumps up skin and lips.
  8. Helps achieve a glowing radiant complexion.
  9. Smooths “crows feet” lines and reduces furrows.


Content: 20 sachets x 30g

Direction for use:

pour one sachet into a teacup and add 180ml of hot water, stir and drink.


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